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Society Publications

The Society’s English language publication Loris first appeared in November 1936. Loris is issued in volumes of six fascicles, the fascicles being issued in June and December of each year. They are issued free to members.

In 1976, after many years of deliberation, a Sinhala publication titled Warana was started. At first the Ministry of Educational Publications was its principal patron, purchasing 3000 copies to be distributed to schools throughout the country in March and September. This standing order was stopped in 1989 when this Ministry ceased to exist; subsequently the Ministry of Education agreed to purchase 1000 copies for distribution. Decentralisation in 1992 saw the establishment of Provincial Councils with their own Education Ministries and so this order too was cancelled.

In the nineteen seventies the Society started publishing books – both new ones as well as reprints of those unavailable; many are still available for purchase at the Head Office. The following is a list: