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Sunday, 07 July 2019 16:06

The Secret Lives Of Sri Lanka’s Giants

The monthly lecture of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society titled “The Secret Lives of Sri Lanka’s Giants” by Dr. Asha de Vos will be held at 6 p.m. on 18 July at the Jasmine Hall, BMICH.

Blue whales and sperm whales, the largest baleen and toothed whales in our oceans, spend time off the coastlines of Sri Lanka. Both species lead fascinating lives that we have gradually begun to unravel. Who better than Dr. Asha de Vos – all based on her personal experience and extensive research – to take you on a journey that compares and contrasts the two species not only in our waters, but also in other ocean basins?

78aaf9e5 32797 P 3 mrDr. de Vos is a Sri Lankan marine biologist, ocean educator, and pioneer of blue whale research within the Northern Indian Ocean. She has degrees from the University of St. Andrews, University of Oxford, and the University of Western Australia. However, she escaped academia to establish her own Sri Lankan-grown non-profit organisation, Oceanswell. Oceanswell, Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education organisation, is home to the wellknown “Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project” – the first long-term study on blue whales in the region. De Vos’ work has led to many key research publications used to inform policy at the local and global level. Her work has also been showcased internationally by Channel 7, BBC, The New York Times, CNN, WIRED UK, New Scientist, Grist, GOOD, Nature, National Geographic, and TED.

De Vos is the first and only Sri Lankan to have a PhD in marine mammal research, the first Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation from Sri Lanka, and also the first National Geographic explorer from her small island nation. She is also a TED senior fellow, an ocean conservation fellow at the New England Aquarium, a duke global fellow in Marine Conservation, and a young global leader of the World Economic Forum.

Monthly lecture of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society

Dr Asha de Vos