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Wednesday, 03 July 2019 05:58

Abans collaborates with WNPS and DWC to launch Green Isle project

Abans recently joined hands with the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS), and Department of Wildlife Conservation to launch the ‘Green Isle’ project in the Bellanwila-Attidiya Sanctuary. Representing Abans’ and LG’s latest efforts to promote sustainable living in Sri Lanka as part of their ‘LG Loves Green Sri Lanka’ campaign, this CSR initiative aims to contribute towards the cause of Sri Lankan wildlife preservation by transforming the region into the one of ‘green lungs’ of the nation.

“Corporate Sri Lanka will need to take a lead role in conservation and demonstrate that they place a high value on preserving Lankan fauna and flora. Abans shares this passion with LG, and is fortunate to be able to work with some great partners in WNPS and the DWC. This revolutionary project aims to showcase how a scientific and structured approach can indeed undo some of the damage that we have caused in the past, and we are thankful to our Customers who enable us to embark on such initiatives,” said Abans PLC Deputy Director Buddhika Dharmawardena.

LG and Abans, through this initiative, will focus on combating habitat loss, which has been identified as a major threat towards the continued survival of Sri Lanka’s unique position as a biodiversity hot spot. Additionally, the project will raise awareness of the importance of sustaining the delicate balance in the Sri Lankan ecosystem, which is necessary not only for the continued existence of our country’s wildlife but also the local human populace.

The actions taken will include habitat enrichment through a massive tree replanting scheme conducted under scientific guidance and aimed at the gradual replacement of invasive plant species, the revitalisation of small canals, as well as the clearance of weeds and other debris. A 3.5 km nature trail will also be developed to enable wildlife enthusiasts, researchers, educators, and schoolchildren to observe and study Attidiya’s native species from a safe, respectable distance.

The selected habitat is a refuge for many species including fishing cats, primates, different bird species, and other fauna and flora. Formerly one of Sri Lanka’s best-known birding locations, this area has recently been under severe pressure due to increased urbanisation and poaching.

The initiative will be executed in phases over a five-year period, where these activities will be consistently monitored to assure that they are mutually beneficial for the native wildlife species as well as the human population in the Attidiya region. The first phase involves the creation of inland ponds, clearing of waterways and minor replantation, while the next major phases include the planting of hundreds of trees in early August. Further, all proceeds for this meaningful project will be sponsored by LG R32 Air Conditioners, which contribute towards reducing an individual’s carbon footprint with the innovative eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.

WNPS is celebrating their 125th year and was initially established in 1894 as a game protection society. It has evolved over the years to become the premier wildlife and nature conservation society, and for decades, was the only civil organisation promoting fauna and flora protection in Sri Lanka. Associated very closely with the enactment of Sri Lanka’s wildlife protection legislation, its primary role now is as a policy advocate, conservator and environmental educator. It publishes two bi-annual journals in English and Sinhala, and maintains three park lodges for its members in the Wilpattu, Yala and Udawalawe National Parks, and runs multiple conservation initiatives all across the island through their youth wing and regional representatives.

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