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Hurry, Apply immediately for this exciting new initiative !!
The WNPS, through their WILD CAT Group, is pleased to present an exciting new Young n Wild initiative called the WNPS Youth Ambassador Program. The Society is looking to pick two Youth Ambassadors, whose role would be to inspire more young people to work towards the cause of Conservation, to engage in field activities or research which helps protect Sri Lankan Fauna and Flora, and to be role models and spokesperson for WNPS among young people when it comes to such causes within Sri Lanka.

The WNPS will invite applications from youthful Members, who are engaged in any such arenas, (eg: Marine, Terrestrial, Plant or Animal related or Indirect fields too) or have a passion for this and are studying and/ or working in related fields. Based on a screening, and a subsequent interview process, two young people will be picked as our WNPS Youth Ambassadors, for a period of two years.

One of the key benefits will be to receive a fully funded week of overseas exposure directly to Wildlife Conservationist or Communities in another country, on field projects. The exposure will not be linked with their area of study but will still be in the Conservation space.
We are pleased to have Cinnamon Holidays and Nature Trails as our Sponsor Partner for this initiative.

The exposure for 2019 will be in the Leopard Hills of Jawai, India, during late February 2019, exploring the amazing balance between large cats and the Rabari Tribe. That study will include Game Drives, discussions with the Rabari villagers, Study how the Rabari tribesman see the leopard, the implications of big cats hunting their livestock and how the local authorities mitigate this by bridging the gap of what is lost to the tribesmen, and more.

Each Ambassador may also receive further Support or Soft grants in Cash or Kind towards his/her project work. Further exposure on other Conservation initiatives in Sri Lanka will also be provide during this period. Ambassadors will be required to work closely with the WNPS during those two years, make presentations, address media, promote initiatives through technology, blog or post about these efforts continually and in an engaging manner, and furthering the cause of Conservation.

Eligibility criteria and Applications
The program is open to WNPS Members aged 30 and under, who have been members of WNPS for a minimum of 12 months, as of 1st December, 2018.

Selection criteria would include the relevance and importance of your work, how much you have been doing so far in this space, your different contributions towards society and communities, demonstrated leadership, the passion for Wildlife and Conservation, your contributions towards the WNPS so far, the ability and likelihood of being engaged in Conservation and WNPS in the years ahead, and personal credibility. Added criteria will be on the Application form.

Applicants must submit the completed Application form, along with the required information through a CV which is not more than three pages, via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before 31st December, 2018. Please mention Youth Ambassador Program in your email topic.

Shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews (probably the evening of 10th January). Canvassing in any form will result in disqualification, and the WNPS decision is final. Direct Family members of the WNPS Committee, and Employees of Nature Trails, will not be eligible for this program. Ambassadors will be picked by late January 2019.

Download Youth Ambassador Application Form