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Monday, 06 October 2014 05:45


Critical Issues to be addressed for the year 2014/15 by the HEC Group-WNPS

Southern Region

Yala National Park Complex
The recommendation of WNPS is to combine the DWLC and Forest Department habitat into one large elephant conservation Region. The erection of electric fencing along the boundaries of DWLC Terrain to be avoided in the future. Instead a Concrete Post demarcation of boundaries to be introduced.

Steps to be introduced to control excessive vehicle speeding through the introduction of speed bumps at regular intervals.

Udawalawe National Park
WNPS to assist the DWLC in maintaining the fire belt network within the Park to facilitate controlled burning during dry seasons as a habitat enrichment program in 2014/15. Lantana control to be carried out as well combining the SNC/Community Participating activities in the Region.

Mattala MER
Show case Mattala MER as an Elephant Reserve combining the MahindaRajapaksa International Airport as a unique model. Boundaries to be clearly demarcated and protected by the Ministry of Urban Development and Defence.


North Central Province

The Kalawewa and Balaluwewa catchment regions to be demarcated and declared a National Park excluding settlements. Explore any possibilities of connecting this Region with Ritigala SNR and Sigiriya via the Diganpathana Forest Reserve.

Kebitigollawa/ Mulathivu/ Mankulam and Trincomalee
The Region has a large Forest Cover with a considerable population of elephants with no HEC situation as a result of less human activity and settlements.

Request DWLC and the Forest Conservation Department to jointly implement a land survey project to demarcate and protect forest belts vital for elephants as a proactive exercise.


  1. Set up 4DWLC Range Offices at Kebitigollawa, Mulativu, Mankulam and Trincomalee.
  2. Declare Sanctuaries with Boards and Demarcated Boundaries expeditiously.
  3. Forest Reserves to be upgraded to the Grade 1 category.