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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 06:26


With the change of seasons, 200-300 elephants living in the Dahaiyagala, Duvili Ella and Bogahapitiya, forest make their way through the elephant corridor into the Udawalawe National Park in search of water, provided by the udawalawe reservoir.

A major problem was created, When the politicians in the area, setteled their voters within the corridor, the elephants naturally used.

The society together with other NGOs took the matter before the supreme court of Colombo. After many hearings the court ruled in favor of our plea and ordered the resettlement of the people elsewhere and intimated the dept of wildlife conservation to erect electric fences, maintaining the corridor for the movement of the elephants, as before. Members of the committee have visited the site and the society s closely monitoring the work in progress and the completion of the electric fence.