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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 06:25


sinharaja forest reserve, the renowned world heritage site was in danger with the proposed roadway through the forest to link suriyakanda. The expert panel specially appointed to report on thos matter recommends the use of the existing foot path as had been traditionally used in the past, instead of the proposed roadway. The society has taken the matter up, at the highest level. There has also has been an international outcry.

The construction of the roadway has been temporally suspended. The society stands in vigilance.

The adverse effects of potato cultivation at morning side in close proximity to the Sinharaja forest, poses many ecological dangers to the forest, and its water was. The society met and took up the matter with the conservator general of forest. he informed us that the cultivation is carried out on land leased out from the land reform commission. However legal action has been instituted by the forest dept. to acquire such land and safeguard this treasured world heritage site.