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Policies related to the acquisition and use of images on the WNPS website


Copyright Policy

Copyright over any image provided to the Society by any party shall remain with the owner of the image, unless such images have been expressly commissioned by the Society for its use, or where the owner expressly waives his/her copyright. However the Society reserves the right to use any image provided by a third party for any activity related to giving effect to the Society ’s stated objectives and mandate, so long as these do not involve commercial activities of any kind. This shall be so irrespective of the original use for which the image was provided, unless the provider explicitly limits the use of these images. In such cases, the informed consent of the respective owner of each image shall be obtained prior to such use.


Upon receiving images from third parties, the Society shall require the owner of each image to be disclosed, but will not be responsible for verifying the accuracy of such disclosure. In all uses of images over which the Society does not enjoy ownership, the Society will ensure ownership is properly acknowledged according to the context of the use.


Whilst the Society recognizes the rights resulting from third party ownership, it will not provide any financial consideration for the receipt of any images from third parties, except in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Society's General Committee. It is the position of the Society that as a not-for-profit organisation, the provision of images by third parties should represent support to its activities.


The Society shall not be held responsible for any loss of or damage to negatives, slide film and any other original media received from third parties whilst in the possession of the Society. The Society will however endeavour to take reasonable measures to ensure that such media are maintained in the condition in which they were received.


With regard to images owned by the Society, their use shall be accompanied by the following affirmation of copyright: "© Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka"


Policy on images of the Society, Activities and Events

Following a Society event, images of the event will be archived on a CR-ROM in their original form. A selection of these shall then be re-sized to 72 dpi/ppi and posted on the Society's website for a period of one month.


For archiving purposes, the CDs to be used shall be CD-ROMs and not re-writable CD-ROMs given the possibility of erasing original content in the case of the latter. Each event's images will be archived on a separate CD-ROM which will be labelled with the event and date(s).


Policy on the Society's Members'Gallery

The Members' Gallery is a space available primarily for the Society's members to share their photographs of the natural world with other members and the public at large. Members wishing to share their portfolios should make a request to the General Committee by email as will be indicated on the Society's website. Portfolios will be assigned a month on a first come first serve basis. Where no such request is made, the General Committee or its nominee may invite a member or non-member. Non-members of any nationality may be invited to share their material from time to time, as determined by the General Committee or its nominee. Subjects will.


The Gallery will feature a portfolio 20 images covering subjects not restricted to Sri Lanka, selected by the contributing member. Each portfolio will be featured for one calendar month, after which the images will be archived on a CD-ROM indicating the members' name, year and month. Images can include scans of film and slide film and digital images, and can be in either colour or black and white so long as the colour is true to the original format.


Each image should be at 72 ppi/dpi in resolution, and be supplied on a portable memory devise such as a CD-ROM, flashdrive or 1.44MB disk. This would enable each image to be enlarged adequately to be viewed, whilst minimizing copyright infringement. Each image should be accompanied by information amounting to no more that 100 words per image. Mandatory information are: subject name (common name with scientific name as optional if a species); location and country; and equipment used (camera, lens, film, and whether full-frame or cropped). Further information on the subject or conservation message is optional, but encouraged. The gallery will include the contact details of the contributing member, if he/she so wishes, and supplies the details