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By Kumudini Hettiarachchi
No thinking or planning before using fire-power * Shooting gives wrong message to villagers * Video clearly shows that the ‘rampage’ claim by DWC was untrue

by Rohan Wijesinha
Wildlife and Nature Protection Society

This must be one of the very few instances, in World History, where the Cabinet of a supposed free and fair democracy has, through special committee, issued a Paper to legalize a crime, not just against the State and its people, but also against generations of Sri Lankans yet unborn whose natural heritage, and very existence, is being put up for sale! This date, Committee, Cabinet and Government will go down in infamy as one that compromised principle, good governance, common sense, national pride, natural heritage, national religion and, most importantly, the Law, to satisfy the greed of a few whose sole ambition is to make good for themselves in the here and now, while adorning their superior material status, however obtained, with the ownership of an elephant! As a prominent conservationist once stated, "These are the policies of lawmakers who believe that theirs is the final generation, and damn the future!"